About Us

The Planning & Public Works Agency is responsible for fostering and monitoring the physical development of Glenn County as well as constructing, operating and maintaining the public infrastructure to support that development. This is done with approximately 75 employees and about one quarter of the total County budget.

Economic development is a major focus of several divisions within the Planning & Public Works Agency and includes the management and development of the Orland Airport Industrial Park.

The planning division is responsible for the maintenance and implementation of the General Plan, which is the keystone of public policy guiding the county into the future. The division also monitors development through implementation of the zoning and land division regulations. Planning manages resources within the county through the Williamson Act and the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act. Other activities include grant writing and management, economic development assistance, regulation maintenance, and mitigation monitoring and reporting, and environmental review. The division provides staff to or participates in the Planning Commission, Airport Land Use Commission, General Plan Update Advisory Work Group, CDBG Reuse Committee, Williamson Act Advisory Committee as well as providing staff to the Transportation Commission and Regional Transit Committee.

Further monitoring of the development of the county occurs through the building division that enforces building codes and provides inspection services to assure buildings are constructed in compliance with State health, safety, and building standards.. They also monitor flood plain developments to minimize damage to structures. The permit center provides one-stop permitting services for developer and builders.

Working with planning and building services are the engineers and surveyors that oversee creation of land divisions and supplying surveying, design, inspection and project management services for county infrastructure projects.

The Airport Division is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of the two County general aviation airport facilities - Orland Haigh Field and Willows-Glenn.

The road division manages and maintains over 800 miles of county roads along with all the traffic signage, bridges, drainage structures, and flood control facilities. This division also leads the flood fighting efforts to make sure that roads and bridges are safety and properly closed and re-opened during storm events.

The solid waste division is responsible for the operation and state permitting requirements for the county’s land fill. This division works with the Solid Waste Regional Agency to assure the citizens of Glenn County that the landfill is operated in a way that protects everyone's health and safety. The recycling efforts of the county, as well as the two cities, are managed by this division. They also manage the county’s prize winning displays at the state fair.

The facility division works to maintain and improve County structures and surrounding grounds. County owned and operated facilities include 20 buildings, 6 parks, 2 boat ramps and 2 community halls. This division also provides staff and support for the County Facilities Planning Committee.

Glenn County Fleet Service Center is a division of the Planning & Public Works Agency. The Fleet Services Division (formerly known as the Service Center) operates as a Division of the Glenn County Planning & Public Works Agency. Fleet Services provide all of the purchasing and maintenance functions for vehicles owned and operated by the County as well as contract services for the Cities of Orland and Willows. Fleet Services owns and maintains over 250 vehicles (auto, light truck and specialty vehicles). Fleet Services are managed under the direction of the Planning & Public Works Agency Director in accordance with Title 14 of the Glenn County Policies and Procedures Manual.