Glenn County Walnut Buying Period Announced

October 25, 2017

***For Immediate Release***



Glenn County Walnut Buying Period Announced


Glenn County Agricultural Commissioner Marcie Skelton announced today the walnut buying period will begin November 1st pursuant to the County’s walnut theft ordinance. The walnut buying period is the declared conclusion of harvest of walnuts by the Agricultural Commissioner, after consultation with a committee of walnut growers, whereupon non-processing walnut buying operations within the boundaries of Glenn County may purchase and receive shipments of walnuts that have not been dried or processed.  


Walnuts are the second highest valued agricultural commodity in Glenn County, increasing its harvested acreage by 10% from last year. According to the 2016 Glenn County Crop Report, there were 30,670 bearing acres in Glenn County with a market value of $149,120,000, up 27% from last year’s total.


In addition to establishing the buying period, the ordinance also establishes requirements regarding the transportation and identification of walnut crops. For further information, please contact the Glenn County Department of Agriculture at (530)934-6501 or reference Glenn County Ordinance 1243 (07.31.020(10)) found online at the County of Glenn website, County Code Directory.