AB 1265 Fee Calculator

Fee Calculator Based On Final Adoption of the Provisions of Assembly Bill 1265

This calculator provides an estimate of the 10% assessment.

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A Brief History

In 1965 the state legislature passed the California Land Conservation Act, known as The Williamson Act. The purpose of the legislation was to encourage the continued use and protection of prime agricultural land rather than transitioning it for commercial development. The primary means to accomplish the purpose of preserving agricultural land was to provide a property tax incentive to agricultural land owners. In return for keeping their land in production, their property values would be calculated using agricultural rents and crop prices rather than using the fair market value based commercial use, resulting in a lower property tax.

Why AB 1265?

Since 1971 the state has reimbursed the local county governments for the lost Williamson Act property tax revenue with the Subvention Program. In 2010, however, the funding for the Subvention Program was virtually eliminated from the state budget. The result was an approximately ANNUAL $900,000 loss of revenue for Glenn County. Once this funding was eliminated, the legislature sought an equitable way to soften the blow for agricultural counties. The result was Assembly Bill 2530 and Senate Bill 863. Together they provided for a partial reinstatement of the state funding as well as an option for individual counties to assess the Williamson Act landowners a fee based on a percentage of their tax savings due to their participation. In 2011, AB 2530 and SB 863 were replaced with AB 1265. In 2017 the county chose to implement the provisions of AB 1265. Now a Williamson Act landowner will be assessed a fee equal to 10% of the tax savings. As always, landowners have the option of non-renewing their contracts.