Table 21‑1 - Existing County Parks lists existing County-owned parks and shows the total acreage and developed acreage of each park. Fee calculations in this chapter are based on the existing ratio of park acreage to population rather than the adopted level-of-service standards shown above. Basing impact fee calculations on the existing level of service meets any existing deficiencies relative to the adopted standard, and ensures that impact fees paid by future development do not subsidize the provision of park improvements for the existing community. Total acreage and developed acreage of existing parks from Table 21‑1 - Existing County Parks are used to calculate the existing ratios of park acreage to population for each park type, as shown in Table 21‑2 - Existing Level of Service by Park Type below.

Table 21-1 - Existing County Parks

Park Type Park Name Total Park Developed Acres
Regional Ord Bend Park & Boat Ramp 12 12
Regional Butte City Boat Ramp 1.2 1.2
Regional Walker Creek Park 40 0
Regional Site 48 28 0
Regional Site 21 - Princeton Unit of the Sacramento River Wildlife Area 200 2
Subtotal Regional Parks   281.2 15.2
Community Hamilton City Park 3.4 3.4
Subtotal Community Parks   3.4 3.4
Subtotal Neighborhood parks      
Specialty Monroeville Cemetery >1.0 >1.0
Specialty Orland Memorial Park 2.0 2.0
Specialty Willows Memorial Hall 1.44 1.44
Specialty Willows Memorial Park 0.75 .75
Subtotal Specialty Parks   5.19 5.19
Grand Total   289.79 23.79

Source: Glenn County