Corning Sub-basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency

The Corning Sub-basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) governs the Glenn County portion of the Corning Subbasin.  Generally, the Corning Sub-basin GSA is bounded on the west by the Coast Ranges, on the north by Glenn-Tehama County boundary, on the east by the Sacramento River, and on the south by Stony Creek except for a small portion following the Glenn-Tehama County boundary.   Visit the Department of Water Resources SGMA Portal for GSA Formation information. 

For basin-wide activities including Corning Subbasin Advisory Board meetings and Groundwater Sustainability Plan information, visit the Corning Subbasin GSP website. 


 Groundwater Sustainability MEMBER Agency
Phone Number
Glenn County 530.934.6540
Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District 530.934.8881
Monroeville Water District 530.934.7794


corning sub-basin gsa committee meetings
2023 Meeting Schedule
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CSGSA Committee- December 14, 2023
CSGSA Committee- October 26, 2023
CSGSA Committee (Cancelled)- September 28, 2023
CSGSA Committee- August 24, 2023
CSGSA Committee (Special)- August 8, 2023
CSGSA Committee (Special)- August 2, 2023
CSGSA Committee- July 27, 2023
CSGSA Committee (Cancelled)- June 22, 2023
CSGSA Committee (Special Meeting)- June 15, 2023
CSGSA Committee (Special Meeting)- June 6, 2023
CSGSA Committee (Cancelled)- May 25, 2023 
CSGSA Committee (Special Meeting)- May 11, 2023
CSGSA Committee- April 27, 2023
CSGSA Committee- March 23, 2023
CSGSA Committee- February 23, 2023
CSGSA Committee (Special Meeting)- February 3, 2023
CSGSA Committee- January 26, 2023


Corning Sub-basin GSA Meetings and Agendas