Trainings & Exercises

Providing our First Responders with the training and tools they need to serve our community during times of disaster.

Disaster Training

Online Trainings

  • ICS/NIMS training - Incident Command System and National Incident Management System training is the core for any responder, whether you are a volunteer or paid staff. Introduction to ICS (IS 100) provides an overview of the standardized command system. ICS for Single Resources and Initial Actions Incidents (IS 200) provides context to the incident command system and is required for frontline supervisory staff in incident operations. Introduction to the National Incident Management System (IS 700) provides an overview of the multi-faceted national response system. These trainings can be completed free online through FEMA. Certificates for basic ICS courses may be required for employment or to participate in one of our volunteer organizations who support response operations.
  • Click here to take ICS trainings through FEMA 

Upcoming Training

  • Trainings and exercises postponed due to COVID. New trainings and exercises are being planned for the fiscal year 2021 - 2022. Updates coming out September 2021.

Past Trainings

  • ICS 300 & 400 training -  ICS 300: January 22-24, 2020. ICS 400 February 19 & 20, 2020 in Orland. 
    • Intermediate and advanced Incident Command System training. ICS 300 is a three day training for management and supervisory staff who may be assigned to Incident Command Post, Shelter Management or Emergency Operations Center. ICS 400 is a two day advanced level training geared toward staff of the Emergency Operations Center or those working large scale incidents, functioning under Area Command.
  • EOC  Training & Exercise - April 8, 2020 in Orland - EOC: Canceled due to EOC activation for COVID.
  • First Receiver Operations training - Postponed due to COVID: One day training for healthcare staff to receive patients exposed to a hazardous material that require decontamination prior to treatment. This will be a hands on training utilizing PPE and decontamination equipment.



Past Exercises

Glenn County Functional Exercise - November 6, 2019

Glenn County Sheriff's Office - OES and Glenn County HHSA  conducted a joint functional exercise to test sheltering operations. This exercise utilized the updated Glenn County Operational Area Emergency Operations Plan - Care and Shelter Annex and the new HHSA Shelter Field Operations Guide to setup a functional evacuation shelter in Orland. In addition, the Glenn County OA EOP - Animal Services Annex was activated and the newly received disaster animal supply cache was utilized to setup an emergency animal shelter. Exercise Flyer can be accessed here.

Butte-Glenn Healthcare Coalition Statewide Medical-Health Tabletop Exercise - October 1, 2019, at Enloe Medical Conference Center

Butte and Glenn counties hosted the annual Statewide Medical-Health Exercise. This discussion-based tabletop exercise included an infectious disease scenario to test healthcare surge and response operations through the Medical-Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC) programs. This exercise provided a forum for information sharing and networking of Butte-Glenn Healthcare Coalition partners. See flyer for details

Glenn County Public Health Annual Mass Vaccination Exercise - September 25, 2019 at Orland Memorial Hall

Glenn County Public Health conducted a full scale exercise to test Point of Dispensing Site (PODS) and mass medicine dispensing. This exercise activateed the Glenn County Medical Countermeasures (MCM) plan and tested the Point of Dispensing Site (PODS) Field Operations Guide (FOG) utilizing the real life delivery of seasonal influenza vaccine to our community. Seasonal flu vaccine was offered for free to Glenn County residents at this exercise and during additional flu vaccine clinics.


active shooter ex 2017.jpg

February 16-17, 2019 - Glenn County MCI - Active Shooter Exercise at Willows High.  Local law enforcement agencies teamed up with local fire departments for a two day full scale active shooter response exercise at Willows High School. This exercise provided both classroom training and hands on, simulations to better prepare our local responders to work collaboratively during a multi-casualty incident. Participating agencies included: Glenn County Sheriff, Orland Police, CHP, CA State Parks Law Enforcement, Glenn County Sheriff - Search and Rescue, Glenn County Sheriff-OES, Willows Fire, Orland Fire, Glenn-Codora Fire, Kanawha Fire, Artois Fire, and Hamilton City Fire, Enloe EMS, Orland VIPS, Glenn County Public Health Emergency Preparedness, Glenn County Amateur Radio, numerous community volunteers. Thank you to all who participated in this training!


Glenn County Five Year Integrate Preparedness Plan

The Glenn County Operational Area Integrated Preparedness Plan (IPP) is a comprehensive plan that focuses on all elements of preparedness including plans, equipment, organization, training, and exercise. This Plan is formed by assessing threats, hazards, capabilities and gaps. The plan prioritizes preparedness needs and sets goals for completion. This document was formerly the Training and Exercise Plan (TEP), but was expanded to the IPP in 2021. The IPP is created and maintained by Sheriff's Office - Office of Emergency Services with input from responder agencies through out the Operational Area. The 5 year IPP can be accessed here.