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Providing our First Responders with the training and tools they need to serve our community during times of disaster.

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February 16-17, 2019 - Glenn County MCI - Active Shooter Exercise at Willows High.  Local law enforcement agencies teamed up with local fire departments for a two day full scale active shooter response exercise at Willows High School. This exercise provided both classroom training and hands on, simulations to better prepare our local responders to work collaboratively during a multi-casualty incident. Participating agencies included: Glenn County Sheriff, Orland Police, CHP, CA State Parks Law Enforcement, Glenn County Sheriff - Search and Rescue, Glenn County Sheriff-OES, Willows Fire, Orland Fire, Glenn-Codora Fire, Kanawha Fire, Artois Fire, and Hamilton City Fire, Enloe EMS, Orland VIPS, Glenn County Public Health Emergency Preparedness, Glenn County Amateur Radio, numerous community volunteers. Thank you to all who participated in this training!


January 22-28, 2019 - ICS 300 & 400 Training. Thirty people attended this week long training including local law enforcement, fire, public works and Health & Human Services staff. This training provides the skills needed to work in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and serve as a leader in local emergency operations during a disaster. Additionally, local elected officials from County of Glenn, City of Orland, and City of Willows took part in a tailored training on NIMS and the critical role of our elected leadership during disaster. These training were funded by the Department of Homeland Security Grant Program administered locally by the Glenn County Sheriff's Office.


Thursday, December 13, 2018 - Mass Casualty Attacker Prevention & Response Training. This training was provided by the Violence Prevention Agency Training website and funded by the Glenn County Homeland Security Grant Program. Over 140 people attended this training. Attendees included law enforcement, fire, EMS, healthcare facilities, public health, behavioral health, social services, educators, and local leaders. 


September 18, 2018 - Glenn County Mobile Field Hospital Exercise. Glenn Medical Center, Glenn County Medical-Health Emergency Preparedness Program, and Glenn County Sheriff's Office - Office of Emergency Services tested the deployment of the Glenn County Mobile Field Hospital (tent unit). This exercise utilized a scenario of a partial evacuation of the hospital requiring temporary medical space in the field hospital. The exercise included over 50 participants.