Training & Response Team

Response & Rescue

Glenn County Search and Rescue are employed in a number of incidents each year, ranging from mountain rescue to missing persons. Below are photos from recent and past rescue and response events:

SAR rescued many stranded citizens on FH7 in Winter 2020-21



Jeeps rescue stranded motorist 2-19

SAR and Jeep club rescued stranded and missing campers February 2019

SAR jeep, ambulance and fire truck

SAR rescues a hunter who had fallen and broken a leg November 2019


Injured hunter is packaged by medical for transport to area hospital November 2019

driving at night

Volunteers respond to a late night rescue of a stranded motorist in the snow December 2019



SAR Winter Equipment Training 2020



  • ICS/NIMS training - Incident Command System and National Incident Management System training is the core for any responder, whether you are a volunteer or paid staff. Introduction to ICS (IS 100) provides an overview of the standardized command system. ICS for Single Resources and Initial Actions Incidents (IS 200) provides context to the incident command system and is required for frontline supervisory staff in incident operations. Introduction to the National Incident Management System (IS 700) provides an overview of the multi-faceted national response system. These trainings can be completed free online through FEMA. Certificates for basic ICS courses may be required for employment or to participate in one of our volunteer organizations who support response operations.
  • Complete FEMA ICS trainings online



Knots are used extensively in Search and Rescue. Below are basic rope and knot skills members should be familiar with. 

Basic knots

The list below links to information about each knot. Some knots in the list have links to instructional videos on how to tie them.

  1. Clove hitch
  2. Two half Hitches
  3. Taut Line Hitch
  4. Butterfly loop (video)
  5. Basic figure 8
  6. Figure 8 follow-through
  7. Figure 8 on a bight
  8. Directional Figure 8 (video)
  9. Figure 8 knot variations
  10. Double fisherman's (video)
  11. Prusik knot
  12. Tensionless Hitch (aka "No knot")

Flat webbing knot

Water knot

Rope belay knots

Munter hitch

Webbing climbing harness

Swiss Seat (video)

Diaper Seat (video)

Rope/webbing storage