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The Glenn County Air Pollution Control District regularly responds to complaints about odors, dust or chemical air pollutants emitted by industrial plants, refineries, neighborhood businesses, gas station nozzles, idling trucks, locomotives and buses. It also processes complaints about smoke from agricultural fires, controlled burns, non-cooking backyard fires and outdoor trash burning. To file a complaint please call or email our office as soon as you notice the offending issue.

Steps to Acquire a Permit to Operate in Glenn County

  1. Application Submittal
    Within 30 days of receipt your application for a Permit to Operate and the application processing fee is paid, it is deemed complete or incomplete. If your application is incomplete, processing will be delayed. A complete application includes all of the required forms, fees and all the information required for the engineer to complete the evaluation. If additional information is required, District staff will explain what additional information is needed.  
  2.  Authority to Construct
    Once you are issued an Authority to Construct (ATC) you will have authority to begin construction. The ATC will be valid for two years and can be extended. Make sure to read your ATC because it will contain the conditions under which you must operate. If you deviate from these conditions, you may be subject to compliance action. 
  3. Construction Completion Notice
    When you complete construction and prior to operation you will notify the District if its completion. Once the District is notified, the ATC serves as the temporary authority to operate your equipment. Again, be sure to read and comply with the conditions of the ATC. If you have questions contact the District staff assigned to your project. 
  4. Site Inspection
    The District will visit your facility to ensure that you are operating in accordance with your permit conditions. The District representative will review your records and equipment and ask if you have any questions.  
  5. Startup Authorization
    If the site inspection indicates compliance with your ATC conditions and other requirements you will receive an invoice for the Permit to Operate fees. 
  6. Permit to Operate
    Once the permitting process is complete, and the fees are paid, you will receive a permit to operate (PTO). The PTO will be valid for one or three years depending on the amount of potential emissions of the project. Similar to the ATC, the PTO will list the conditions under which you must operate. Ensure that you read and understand each condition. You may contact the District at any time to clarify a permit condition. 

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