Stream water flows down from sidewalk

The Glenn County Public Works Agency manages many special districts. These special districts are for Flood Control, Stream Cleaning and Street Lighting.

Our principle functions are:

  • Flood Protection on major streams
  • Water Conservation
  • Storm drain maintenance and construction

The districts are designed to provide for the control of the flood and storm water flows within the designated areas of the special districts as well as countywide to protect the land, properties, facilities, and people within the county from damage caused by storm and flood waters. By maintaining a healthy drainage system the County is able to preserve such waters for beneficial uses such as water supply, groundwater percolation, recreation and the environment.

FEMA is committed to helping educate citizens about their flood risks, and the ways they can protect themselves from the devastating financial consequences of a flood. Communities with levees have unique flood risks and this toolkit is provided to help communicate about those risks and the protection flood insurance provides. This suite of materials is designed to be adapted and used as your community addresses the impact of a levee status change. Included are guidelines, fact sheets, sample letters, web resources and other information that will help explain the changes and their flood insurance implications. Click their Flood link below to be redirected to their Toolkit Resources website. - The Official Site of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)