Colusa Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan Annual Reports

Report – New Agricultural Water Well Restriction, Glenn County Urgency Ordinance #1301

Health & Human Services Agency Annual Reports

The Annual Report provides a snapshot of our Agency’s performance and achievements for the most recent fiscal year.

If you cannot view this PDF document, please call (530)934-6514 to have a copy mailed to you.  In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Glenn County will make available to persons with a disability, disability-related modification or accommodations.  If requested, this document and other materials can be made available in an alternative format for persons with a disability who are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Glenn County Economic Development Strategy 2019-2022

Glenn County created an economic development strategy in 2013 involving the engagement of many stakeholders to provide input to direction and actions. The strategy focus was on the county’s unique agricultural base.

Economic development strategies are typically updated every 3-5 years to adjust actions and tactics to the changing economic trends, opportunities and challenges. The purpose of this update is to report outcomes and reset, if needed, strategic initiatives.

The progress that has been made in economic development in Glenn County has far exceeded the 2013 expectations. The 2013 strategy engagement of stakeholders provided great focus, but implementation would be a challenge under the committee/team/volunteer structure that existed. That changed in 2016 when a director was hired. Health & Human Services Agency found resources for a position to move the strategy forward. Section 1.0 provides a deeper 2013-2018 overview.

For more details, please see attached document. 

County of Glenn Marketing Plan 2019

This document sets forth the municipal marketing plan for the County of Glenn, California (“County”). The purpose of this document is to provide the basis for the County to implement a corporate Sponsorship and Marketing Plan (“Program”). The objective of this Program will be to generate recurring, long-term incremental revenues as well as savings on the purchases of goods and services by means of County partnerships with private enterprises.

Glenn County Economic Development Strategy 2013

Leveraging Glenn County’s Natural Assets to Create Economic Growth

Glenn County Economic Development Strategy Project Glenn County received a State of California Housing & Community Development, CDBG Economic Development Grant to retain a consultant to assist Glenn County with an economic development strategy which would improve upon the County’s economic development efforts and processes in a coordinated effort and focus on the county’s key asset – the agricultural base.

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2012 Annual Report and Statistical Analysis

2013 Annual Report and Statistical Analysis