Administrative Manual

  • 14.13.01 Responsibilities of Employees for Operation of Vehicles

    County Officers and Department Heads shall be responsible for the use of vehicles by Departmental personnel. The following criteria will apply to employees operating County vehicles:
    (a) No person shall operate a County vehicle that does not have issued to him/her a valid California drivers license; 
    (b) Each employee shall be responsible for proper use, care and operation of the County vehicle assigned;
    (c) Employees operating County vehicles shall comply with all Vehicle Code laws in a safe and courteous manner;
    (d) Fines and penalties imposed by a court for a violation while on County business are the personal responsibility of the employee;
    (e) All persons operating County vehicles shall be County employees or such other persons acting for and on behalf of the County as the Board of Supervisors may designate;
    (f) Employees are to operate County vehicles in an ordinary, reasonable manner and not use in activities that may damage the vehicle, except Emergency Vehicles operating under Code 3 conditions;
    (g) County vehicles shall only be used in conjunction with County business as per Glenn County Administrative Code 7.10.01.