Administrative Manual

  • 14.05.01 Vendors and Warranties

    Fleet Management shall be responsible for selecting maintenance vendors and maintaining all vehicle warranties to the standards recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • 14.05.02 Maintenance and Repair

    The Fleet Management Division shall be responsible for maintaining and repairing all vehicles, including those defined in section 14.07.04 as non-replacement vehicles. 
  • 14.05.03 Routine Prevention Maintenance Provided

    Maintenance and repair shall consist of all routine preventative maintenance including: labor, parts and materials for the following: tune-ups, brakes, fluid changes, battery replacement, engine repair, transmission repair, suspension parts, tires, glass breakage, minor collision repair, electrical work, emissions requirements and defective items found in safety checks. The operation and maintenance fees cover these services.
  • 14.05.04 Work on Vehicles Beyond Routine Preventative Maintenance

    Labor, parts and materials for such work shall be charged at current shop rates to the respective departments (examples: installation of radio, phone, tool box, special equipment attachments such as tow hitches, etc.).