Administrative Manual

  • 15.06.01 Requests for Copies

    The County shall meet the following time lines where reasonable under the circumstances.

    A. Each department, upon a request for a copy of records, shall, as soon as possible, and no later than 10 days from receipt of the request, determine whether the request, in whole or in part, seeks copies of public records in the possession of the department and shall promptly notify the person making the request of the county’s determination and the reasons therefore in writing.

    B. If county personnel determines that the request seeks disclosable public records, county personnel shall state the estimated date and time when the records will be made available and, if necessary, the location of the records.

    C. The county’s notification of a denial of any request for, inspection of, and/or copies of public records, must also be in writing and shall set forth the names and titles or positions of each person responsible for the denial.

  • 15.06.02 Unusual Requests for Copies

    In unusual circumstances, the time limit prescribed in this section may be extended in order to comply with the request, but in no case shall the extension be longer than 14 days, in addition to the original 10 days referred to in the CPRA, to make a determination or supply the information.

    A. The second extension requires an additional written notice be sent to the person requesting the public records, bearing the name and title of the person or persons requesting additional time to comply, stating the reason for the extension and the date on which a determination is expected to be made or the information made available.

    B. Unusual circumstances mean the following, but only to the extent reasonably necessary to the proper processing of the particular request:

    (1) The need to search for and collect the requested records from field facilities or other establishments that are separate from the office processing the request;

    (2) The need to search for, collect, and appropriately examine a voluminous amount of separate and distinct records that are demanded in a single request;

    (3) The need for consultation, which shall be conducted with all practicable speed, with another department or agency having substantial interest in the determination of the request or among two or more departments of the agency having substantial subject matter interest therein;

    (4) The need to compile data, to write programming language or a computer program, or to construct a computer report to extract data;

    (5) The county is not permitted to delay or obstruct the inspection or copying of public records.

  • 15.06.03 Requirements within Departments

    Except as otherwise prohibited by law, county departments may adopt requirements that allow for faster, more efficient, or greater access to records than prescribed by the minimum standards set forth in this chapter, and are encouraged to do so.