Administrative Manual

  • 15.08.01 Department Requirements

    A. Each department will keep a copy of the California Public Records Act (CPRA) and the county policy at the front counter, for easy reference by staff and public.

    B. The department will make available free of charge (as required by the CPRA) a copy of the county policy, and any form used by a department to facilitate the release of records, although a written request cannot be required.

    C. Department personnel shall become familiar with the requirements of the California Public Records Act. 

    D. Information that is released to one member of the public or media must be released to all members of the public, as the information released loses its exempted character when released.

    E. Department Personnel shall send a written explanation to the requestor as soon as possible explaining what is being done to comply with the request and when the records will be available. The records will be made available or a written response sent to the requestor explaining the delay.

    F. If the County Personnel has any question regarding whether the information/records requested may be disclosed and cannot determine the answer based on the CPRA or other state statutes, etc., staff should immediately refer the issue to their Department Head, who may request an opinion from the County Counsel.

    G. Prior to denying any records request, the request shall be forwarded to the County Counsel, with a copy to the ex-officio Clerk of the Board, for final determination. If the County Counsel is unavailable, the request shall be forwarded by the ex-officio Clerk of the Board to the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors for final determination.