Administrative Manual

  • 19.10.02 Purpose

    Glenn County values its employees as its greatest asset, and is committed to reducing the risk of injury to employees, as well as members of the public.  As motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among U.S. workers, Glenn County recognizes that an effective Defensive Driving program is essential to achieving this goal.  It is essential that all employees who drive on County business fully participate in the Defensive Driving program.  Managers and supervisors are expected to take the lead in setting the example for safety.

  • 19.10.04 Scope

    This program applies to all County officers, employees, and others authorized to operate motor vehicles owned or leased by the County, or in personal vehicles in the course of County business.

  • 19.10.06 Driver Qualifications

    A. Employees operating County vehicles, or personal vehicles on County business, must:

     1. Possess a valid California Driver’s License.  The license must have the appropriate classification and any required endorsements for the vehicle they drive. 
     2. Be thoroughly familiar with state and local regulations governing motor vehicle operation and must obey the California Vehicle Code.
     3. Be subject to motor vehicle records checks, and if such records show an active suspension or revocation, the driver will not be authorized to operate a motor vehicle for the County.
     4. Report moving violations that occur while driving on County business to their supervisor and are responsible for paying all moving/parking violation fines and fees. 
     5. Report any change in the status of a driver’s license.
     6. Participate in a defensive driving course within six (6) months of hire, and every two years thereafter.  Drivers must participate in refresher training after accidents that occur while driving on County business.  The County will provide a Defensive Driving training program.  As an alternative departments may send staff to an approved Defensive Driving course.

    Wireless phone use has become an integral part of our communication system.  However, employees must use their wireless phones in a way that does not endanger themselves, other employees, or members of the public.

     1. The County discourages the use of wireless phones while driving and will fully comply with all state laws regarding their use. 
     2. In California, effective July 1, 2008, 
       (a) “A person shall not drive a motor vehicle while using a wireless telephone unless that telephone is specifically designed and configured to allow hands-free listening and talking, and is used in that manner while driving.”  (California Vehicle Code §23123)
       (1) There are exceptions to this rule, such as use of wireless telephones without hands free devices during an emergency, etc.
      (b) “A person shall not drive a motor vehicle while using an electronic wireless communications device to write, send, or read a text-based communication (California Vehicle Code §23123.5).

    Smoking in County vehicles is prohibited.  (Glenn County Administrative Manual Title 14.10.01)

  • 19.10.08 Vehicle Condition

    All employees shall verify that any vehicle or mobile equipment they are assigned to drive is in safe operating condition.  County employees shall immediately report all operating defects or problems to Fleet Services at 530-934-6544.

  • 19.10.10 Seat Belts

    A. All employees shall wear seat belts while operating any vehicle, including construction equipment and forklifts.

    B. Drivers shall require that all occupants use seat belts, child safety seats, and other restraint devices at all times.

    C. County employees that are responsible for the transportation of children must attend car seat installation training provided by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) once every two years.

    D. Departments that own and maintain car seats for the transportation of children shall implement a program to inventory and monitor the expiration dates of the car seats.  They shall ensure car seats are disposed of in compliance with expiration dates, and disposed of in such a way that prevents further use of the expired seats.

  • 19.10.12 Distracted Driving

    A distraction is anything that takes your attention away from the task at hand – reading a map, tuning a radio, programming information into a navigation system, using a computer, etc.  Employees of Glenn County are expected to drive safely.  Distractions, even minor, quick distractions can lead to a collision.

  • 19.10.14 Impaired Driving

    Illness, fatigue or drugs may affect your ability to judge distances, speed, driving conditions, etc.

    A. No employee, under any conditions, shall operate a vehicle or combination of vehicles if under the influence of illegal drugs and/or alcohol.  If an employee is taking prescription, or over the counter medication, the employee will ensure the medication does not impact their ability to drive a vehicle in a safe manner.

    B. Employees who are on call shall not consume intoxicating beverages or take medication which can affect driving while on call.  If a call to return to work is received by an employee who is not on-call and he/she has partaken of alcohol, drugs, or is on medication which affects driving, the employee shall notify his/her supervisor who will contact another employee.

  • 19.10.16 Motor Vehicle Accidents

    In the event of an accident involving County-owned vehicles, or personal vehicles in the course of County business, employees shall:

    A.  Stop immediately and get full information to assist the police in completing the accident report.  Report carefully the position of the respective cars, the location and length of any skid marks, the distance traveled by each car after the collision, and any unusual conditions of the roadway, the vicinity, or the respective cars involved.  These are all important in placing responsibility for the accident.

    B  In the event of personal injuries to another party, it is your legal duty to see that the injured party receives “first aid.”  This is not an admission of liability.  Call emergency services as soon as possible by calling 911.

    C. Exchange insurance information with the other driver(s) involved.

    D. Report ALL accidents to local law enforcement as soon as possible.

    E. All accidents should also be reported as soon as possible to your supervisor.

    F.  Obtain the name, address, age and telephone numbers of ALL witnesses, including occupants of the other car.  If a name or address is refused or cannot be obtained, get the house number if they live nearby, license number of their car, or  if a police officer or other numbered employee, get their identification number.

    G. Complete the accident report form (normally found in the glove compartment of your vehicle or with your departments Safety Representative).

    H.  Forward all accident-related materials to your immediate supervisor and Golden State Risk Management Authority, within 24 hours of the accident.

  • 19.10.18 Personal Use

    County owned vehicles are for official use only Personal use of County owned vehicles is strictly prohibited, except that reasonable personal use shall be permitted when out of the County on official business.   (Glenn County Administrative Manual Title 07.10.01)

  • 19.10.20 Driver-Owned/Leased Vehicles

    A. Private vehicles used by employees on official business shall be insured to a limit of no less than the statutory minimum required by the State of California.  Department Heads shall obtain and maintain a copy of a current certificate of insurance on each employee using their personal vehicle for County business.  Department Heads shall submit a list of such employees to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors by August 1 each year.  (Glenn County Administrative Manual 09.06.010)

    B. Employees using a personal vehicle for County business will be reimbursed based on the approved map mileage of the most direct route, plus any costs of parking and tolls.  Employees shall save and submit receipts to receive reimbursement.  The rate at which mileage shall be reimbursed shall be the current rate recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as exempt from taxation under the Internal Revenue Code.  (Glenn County Administrative Manual 07.02.02)

    C. The following guidelines apply to employees using personal vehicles on County business:

     1. In case of an accident and subsequent claim, the coverage provided by the employee’s personal insurance will apply first. 
     2. The County’s coverage will only apply after the employee’s limits have been exhausted. 
     3. The County will not be responsible for damage to personally owned vehicles used for business and recommends that the employee arrange for physical damage insurance if desired.

    D. Use of personal vehicles for County business is a privilege and the County reserves the right to withdraw the privilege at any time.

  • 19.10.22 Motor Vehicle Records Check

    A. Motor vehicle records will be checked initially upon employment and periodically thereafter.  The driver’s authorization to operate a County vehicle, or a personal vehicle on County business, is contingent upon maintaining a good driving record and may be revoked by management if the motor vehicle record discloses any of the following:

     1. The California Driver’s License has been revoked, suspended, withdrawn or denied.
     2. The driver has operated outside the limitations of a restricted license.
     3. The driver refuses to undergo drug or alcohol testing in accordance with County policies or as required by an applicable state or jurisdiction.
     4. A conviction for driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

    B. Drivers who fail to adhere to vehicle policies and procedures may have their driving privileges suspended, and are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.  No employee with an active revocation or suspension of their driver’s license shall operate a vehicle on County time for County business.

  • 19.10.24 Training

    Glenn County employees will be familiar with this program and are required to take a Defensive Driving course within six (6) months of hire and every two years thereafter.  Drivers must participate in a refresher Defensive Driving course after accidents that occur while driving on County business.  The County will provide a Defensive Driving training program.  As an alternative departments may send staff to an approved Defensive Driving course.

  • 19.10.26 Recordkeeping

    Record keeping is an important component of an effective Defensive Driving program.  The following types of documentation will be maintained:

    A. Sign-in sheet for training sessions.

    B. Safety meeting handouts/information.

    C. MemberLink training logs.

  • 19.10.28 Resources

    Employees seeking further information on driving safety should participate in the MemberLink online courses regarding Driving Safety and Fleet Programs.