Administrative Manual

  • 02.12.01 Purpose

    The purpose of this policy is to set criteria and standards for evaluating, approving, and denying requests for the commemoration of individuals or for a specific purpose, project or service.

  • 02.12.02 Types of Requests

    A. Recognition Resolutions
    (1)   For County employees describing their years of County service, if retiring or deceased
    (2)   For providing service to a County Committee, Commission, Board, and/or Special District
    (3)   For a community service to the County
    (4)   For a community project on behalf of the County

    B. Proclamations - Proclamations are appropriate when proclaiming a special event or group on a certain day, week or month (i.e. Proclaiming California Poppy Day; Proclaiming Hunger Awareness Week; Proclaiming Older Americans Month).

    C. Certificates of Appreciation/Recognition - Certificates are appropriate when an individual is recognized for a certain accomplishment or volunteer service provided to a County department or within the Community (i.e. Certificate of Appreciation to Honor Community Action Volunteers of the Year; Recognition Certificate for the Achieved Rank as Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts of Willows; Certificate of Appreciation to Troops in Iraq).

     D.  Commemorative Requests 
    (1)   To plant a tree
    (2)   To place a bench
    (3)   To hang a plaque

     E. Monetary Donations – Donations made to the County may be used for any purpose the County deems appropriate, to better serve its citizens, if no specific project/purpose is requested.

  • 02.12.03 Implementation

     A.   Information Needed in Request - All requests to the Board of Supervisors seeking commemoration of an individual must be in writing to the Clerk of the Board or to the appropriate department associated with the individual/group, and shall include the following:
     (1)   Indicate type of request
     (2)   Reason(s) for request
     (3)   Description of circumstances surrounding the request
     (4)   Brief profile of the nominee
     (5)   A commitment from the applicant that they will cover all costs incurred to implement and maintain the request.

     B. Criteria for Evaluating Request - In evaluating the request the County will consider recognition of individuals/organizations, which have:
    (1)   Demonstrated social and moral responsibility and exemplary actions that inspire others.
    (2)   Made significant contributions of time, talent and/or financial support to an important part of the County’s and/or State’s history.
    (3)   Had major historical significance.

    C.   Criteria for Denying Request - The County will deny any request that:
    (1)    Carries as a condition the brand name, corporate name or family name of a fire arm, alcohol or tobacco product; or is capable of confusion with a trade mark, copyright, brand name or existing landmark, without proper consent of the lawful owners of same.
    (2)   Are deemed to be in poor taste; and
    (3)   That does not meet the conditions expressed under Section B above.

  • 02.12.04 Clerk of the Board Responsibilities

    If a request is presented or referred to the Clerk of the Board, the Clerk shall use the evaluating criteria as set forth above, and determine and prepare the appropriate document.  The requestor shall provide all the necessary information for the preparation of the document.  The Clerk will then place the request on the Board’s agenda for consideration.

  • 02.12.05 Departmental Responsibilities

    If a request is submitted by a County department, that department is responsible to prepare an Agenda Item Transmittal, determine and prepare the appropriate document, and schedule an appearance time before the Board of Supervisors, if applicable.  Departments shall follow the criteria for implementation as described above.  If departments are unsure of the type of document that is appropriate, they shall consult with the Clerk of the Board.

  • 02.12.06 Document Format

    There shall be no “attest” signature line for the Clerk of the Board or “approved as to form” signature line for County Counsel.  Resolutions may have the Board Chairman or all Board members signatures, as appropriate. The Board Chairman will be the only signer of Proclamations and Certificates of Appreciation, unless the Clerk is directed otherwise.

  • 02.12.07 Request Procedures

    A. Any special requests made in memory of an individual (i.e., a request to hang a plaque, place a bench, or plant a tree) shall be forwarded from the Clerk of the Board to the Glenn County Facilities Planning Committee.  Each request will be reviewed and determined on a case-by-case basis.  If the request can be accommodated, the Committee Secretary shall prepare and forward an Agenda Item Transmittal that includes an estimate of all costs, implementation and future maintenance, to the Board of Supervisors for their consideration.

    B.   For requests to name or rename a County facility/building, the following criteria must apply:
    (1)   A County facility/building may be named or renamed after a private individual if that individual contributed a majority of the funding used to construct or that individual donated and/or acquired the land upon which the facility is situated; and
    (2)   A County facility/building may not be named after a public official while the employee and/or official remains in public office or is employed by the County.

    C. Requests received by the Clerk of the Board, for placement of an engraved plate or plaque or for monetary donations, shall be forwarded from the Clerk of the Board to the appropriate Commission, Committee, or Department.

    D. If the Historical Records Commission receives a donation request, the requestor shall be given the option to be a sponsor in the “Preservation of Glenn County History” project, whereby the donation would be used to preserve and/or restore historical documents, maps, or for other preservation purposes.  The individual would then be recognized by the placement of a plate or plaque, as deemed appropriate by the Commission’s guidelines.  All approved plates or plaques shall be placed in a wall display case near the Board of Supervisors Chambers at the Memorial Hall.  Requestors may also choose to make a donation for a specific project or service program provided by the County.

    E. All monetary contributions above $10,000 shall be placed on the Board of Supervisors agenda for acceptance, pursuant to Government Code Section 25355.  Those that make a donation shall, at a minimum, receive a letter from the Board of Supervisors recognizing their generous donation made to Glenn County.

    F. Upon the acceptance of a donation by the Board of Supervisors, the Board may refer the donation to the appropriate department or committee for review and then make recommendation back to the Board with an appropriate use defined.