Administrative Manual

  • 05.15.01 Definition of Grant

    For the purpose of this policy, a grant is generally defined as a financial subsidy from a source other than the County which is intended to fund a specific use, program, or project, typically has a defined term, and requires the County to administer the grant and/or carry out the defined use, program, or project. For the purposes of this policy, the definition of a grant does not include on-going State and Federal subventions.
  • 05.15.02 Application Process

    A proposed grant application package shall be submitted to the County Administrative Officer for approval which will include:

    A. The amount of the County match and the fund from which it will be financed;

    B. The impacts, if any, the grant project will have on other County departments, agencies, programs, or projects;

    C. Whether the grant proposal is the direct result of a legislative or judicial mandate;

    D. If a grant program will incorporate long term financial support from non-County sources;

    E. If a grant proposal is for a one-time project or will ultimately require additional County general funds;

    F. The purpose and benefit of the grant; i.e., how the grant will enhance an existing program or current resources or generate cost savings; 

    G. A completed Grant Information Record using estimated costs which have been reviewed by the Director of Finance or designee and Personnel Director or designee.  

    The County Administrative Officer may either approve, forward to the Board for review or deny the department’s request to submit the proposed grant application.

  • 05.15.03 Grant Awards

    Upon successful award of a grant, the department shall submit an agenda item to the Board of Supervisors for its approval and appropriation of the funds. Requests for approval of applicable budget transfers, position allocation requests, and authority to fill positions should be included in the report.

    The report shall include a statement that there will be no obligation or commitment to continue the program with County general funds after the end of the grant period, or commitment for a department to fund on-going requirements from existing programs and resources.

    Further, the report shall include a statement that any new positions authorized by the grant shall be for the grant period only. Positions so created will be removed from the list of authorized positions when the grant ends.

  • 05.15.04 Requests for Payments from Grantors

    All requests shall be approved by the Department of Finance prior to submitting them to the granting agency. 

    A. Requests will be sent to the Department of Finance with either:
    • a reconciliation of the request to the County general ledger, or;
    • another form of reconciliation previously approved by the Department of Finance.

    B. The Department of Finance will review the request and return it to the department.

    In lieu of this process, a department or agency may request that the Department of Finance review and approve the funding request processes within that department or agency. Upon approval, copies of funding requests may be delivered to the Department of Finance no later than 10 days after the request has been sent to the granting agency. The Department of Finance will periodically review the process of the departments to insure consistency.

  • 05.15.05 Inventory of Grants

    The Department of Finance shall maintain a grants inventory that complies with the requirements of the State Controller’s Office.
  • 05.15.06 Compliance of Programs

    It is the policy of Glenn County to operate its programs in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, OMB Circular A-133. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-133 sets forth those standards for obtaining consistency and uniformity among Federal agencies for the audit of states, local governments, and non-profit organizations expending Federal funds.


  1. Appendix A

    Grant Information Record 

    Apendix A

    Title 5 - Grants Policy - Grant Information Record