County Code Directory

  • 01.140.010 Enforcing Officers

    • A. Every person designated as an enforcing officer for any provision of this code shall, as of the effective date of the designation, commence enforcement of those matters entrusted to the officer's administration.

      B. Whenever the duties of any enforcing officer are changed, whether by addition, deletion or amendment, the change takes effect upon the operative date established by the board of supervisors. In the case of a change enacted by ordinance, the change takes effect on the effective date of the ordinance, unless the ordinance establishes a different operative date.
      (Ord. 1060 § 10, 1995.)

  • 01.140.020 Procedure

    • A. Every enforcing officer may use administrative processes such as notices of non-compliance, warning letters, stop orders, or cease and desist orders in lieu of or prior to enforcing any provision of this code by other means, if the officer determines that the process may result in compliance with this code at less expense to the county.

      B. Whenever necessary to make an inspection to enforce any county enactment, or whenever there is reasonable cause to believe that a violation of any county enactment exists in any building, mobilehome or other structure or upon any premises within the jurisdiction of the county, an enforcing officer of the county may, upon presentation of proper credentials, enter such building or premises at all reasonable times to inspect the same or to perform any duty imposed upon him or her by ordinance; however, except in emergency situations or when consent to the inspection has been otherwise obtained from the owner or occupant, the enforcing officer shall first give the owner or occupant, if either can be located after reasonable effort, 24 hours written notice of the enforcing officer's intention to inspect.  The notice transmitted to the owner or occupant shall state that the property owner has the right to refuse entry and that if such entry is refused, the officer may seek issuance of an inspection warrant by a magistrate.  If the owner or occupant refuses entry after such request has been made, the officer, with the prior approval of the district attorney or county counsel, may seek assistance from any court of competent jurisdiction in obtaining such entry.  Nothing in this section shall be deemed or construed to affect the process by which a search warrant may be obtained by an enforcing officer.

    • C. Pursuant to Penal Code Sections 19d and 836.5 and Chapter 5c (commencing with Section 853.5) of Title 3 of Part 2 of the Penal Code, every enforcing officer may cite any person for violation of this code whenever the officer has reasonable cause to believe that the person has caused, committed, continued or permitted any violation of this code.

      D. Every enforcing officer is authorized to appear as a complaining witness in any criminal proceeding brought for an alleged violation of this code and in every administrative or civil proceeding brought to abate any violation of this code or to enjoin any present or future violation of this code.

      E. The district attorney or county counsel may, and when so directed by the board of supervisors shall, bring any appropriate civil action or proceeding to enforce the provisions of this code or to correct, abate, prevent or enjoin any violation of this code or any other public nuisance.
      (Ord. 1060 § 10, 1995.)