County Code Directory

  • 01.180.010 Labor on the Public Works--Required

    • All persons confined in the county jail of the county of Glenn, under a final judgement of imprisonment rendered in a criminal action or proceedings and all persons confined in the jail as a condition of probation after suspension of imposition of a sentence or suspension of execution of sentence are required to perform labor on the public works and ways in the county. (Ord. 1060 § 12, 1995; Ord. 344 § 1 (part), 1956.)
  • 01.180.020 Labor on the Public Works--Defined

    • "Labor on the public works" as used in Section 1.18.010 includes, among other things, clerical and menial labor in the county jail and work upon the public grounds, roads, streets, alleys, highways, or public buildings, or in such other places as the sheriff of the county may direct and deem advisable for the benefit and best interests of the county. (Ord 1060 § 12, 1995; Ord. 344 § 1 (part), 1956)
  • 01.180.030 Deputy Appointment--Prisoner Supervision

    • The sheriff shall appoint some responsible person to supervise and direct the working of prisoners as provided in Sections 1.18.010 and 1.18.020, which person shall be deputized by the sheriff and shall keep the prisoners, when working together, as near as possible and practicable and shall keep close and careful supervision over such prisoners in order to prevent escapes. (Ord. 1060 § 12, 1995; Ord. 344 § 2,1956.)
  • 01.180.040 Confinement Period Reduction

    • For each month in which a prisoner confined in the county jail as provided in Section 1.18.010, appears by the record to have given a cheerful and willing obedience to the rules and regulations of the jail and that his or her conduct is positively good, five days shall, with the consent of the county board of parole commissioners, be deducted from his or her period of confinement.

      (Ord. 1269 § 10, 2018; Ord. 1060 § 12, 1995; Ord. 344 § 3, 1956.)

  • 01.180.050 Work-Furlough Program--Feasibility

    • The board finds on the basis of local employment conditions, the state of the county jail facilities, and other pertinent circumstances considered by the board, that the operation of Section 1208 of the California Penal Code, providing for the operation of a work-furlough plan for county jail prisoners, is feasible. (Ord. 1060 § 12, 1995; Ord. 557 § 1, 1972.)
  • 01.180.060 Work-Furlough Program--Administrator

    • The sheriff is designated as the officer who shall perform the functions of the work-furlough administrator. (Ord. 1060 § 12, 1995; Ord. 557 § 2, 1972.)
  • 01.180.070 Recovery of Costs of Incarceration

    • In any case in which a defendant is convicted of an offense and is ordered to serve a period of confinement in the county jail, as a term of probation or a conditional sentence, the court may, direct a defendant to pay the reasonable costs of incarceration, including incarceration pending disposition of the case. These costs shall not exceed the average per-day cost of incarceration.

      Determination has been made by the Glenn County Department of Finance that for the fiscal year of 2003/2004 the average per-day cost of incarceration is $59 per day. Such costs will be reviewed by the Board of Supervisors on an annual basis.

      The Board of Supervisors hereby directs that the Chief Probation Officer will be the county’s designated officer in all required capacities for the collection such fees as stated in Section 1203.1c(a) of the California Penal Code. (Ord. 1163 § 1, 2003)