County Code Directory

  • 10.040.010 Misrepresentation of Fact

    No person shall knowingly make, by an means, any material misrepresentation of fact, on the person’ s own behalf or on behalf of another person, with respect to any application for employment with the County or continued employment by the County, or with respect to any permit, license, or other entitlement granted or issued by the County. (Ord. 1060 § 45, 1995.)

  • 10.040.020 Violation -- Penalty

    A. Every person who violates any provision of this chapter is guilty of an infraction.
    B. Notwithstanding subsection A, every person who violates any provision of this chapter when the person has executed an oath or statement under penalty of perjury, or has otherwise acknowledged or verified that the information in question was or is true, is guilty of a misdemeanor.
    C. Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed or construed to preclude the prosecution and conviction of any person for perjury, in lieu of prosecution under this chapter, when there is reasonable cause to believe that the person has committed perjury in any circumstance or proceeding to which this chapter would otherwise apply.
    D. A violation of any provision of this chapter, whether or not prosecuted as such or as perjury, may also be punished by denial, revocation or recision of approval of any county permit, license, or other entitlement to which the violation relates.
    E. Any violation of this chapter by any applicant for county employment or for transfer from one position to another position within county employment, is grounds to deny employment to the applicant or to impose disciplinary action, including termination of employment, upon the county employee.
    (Ord. 1060 § 45, 1995.)