County Code Directory

  • 13.080.010 Vehicles Prohibited

    All bicycles and motor vehicles or motorized vehicles of any type, including any motorized device by which any person or property may be propelled, moved or drawn upon a roadway, path or across the ground, are prohibited in all county parks except in designated parking and driveway areas. This section shall not apply to county personnel in the performance of their official duties. (Ord. 1003 § 1, 1992)

  • 13.080.020 Large Animals Prohibited

    A. All large animals are prohibited in all county parks.
    B. For purposes of this section, large animals shall include horses, donkeys, mules, cows and other equine or bovine.
    (Ord. 1003 § 1, 1992)

  • 13.080.030 Hamilton City Park Closed After Dark

    Hamilton City Park shall be closed to public use thirty minutes after sundown until minutes before sunrise, except and unless permitted by special order of the Board of Supervisors. (Ord. 1003 §1, 1992)