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  • 15.460.010 Purpose

    The agricultural preserve zone is to be applied to lands which are covered by a California Land Conservation Act (Williamson Act) contract with the county for the following purposes:
    A. To preserve the maximum amount of the limited supply of agricultural land which is necessary in the conservation of the county’s economic resources and vital for a healthy agricultural economy of the county;

    B. To protect the general welfare of the agricultural community for encroachments of unrelated agricultural uses which, by their nature, would be injurious to the physical and economic well-being of the agricultural community.
    (Ord. 1183 § 2, 2006)

  • 15.460.020 Permitted Uses

    The following uses and structures shall be permitted in the AP zone:

    A. One single-family dwelling for each parcel of land;

    B. Second dwelling per each parcel of land subject to Chapter 15.175 providing that such dwelling may only be occupied by relatives of the owner or by employees who work on the property;

    C. Accessory buildings such as garages, carports, greenhouses, gardening sheds, recreation rooms, storage of petroleum products for the use of persons residing on the property and any other structures that are customarily used in conjunction with and incidental to a principal use or structure;

    D. Home occupations as defined in Chapter 15.780;

    E. Growing and harvesting of fruit and nut trees, vines, vegetables, horticultural specialties and timber;

    F. Growing and harvesting of field crops, grain and hay crops, and the growing of grass for pasture and grazing;

    G. Livestock farming, including the raising, feeding, maintaining and breeding of horses, cattle, sheep, goats and similar livestock;

    H. Operation of apiaries and dairies;

    I. Curing, processing, packaging, packing, storage and shipping of agricultural products; however, those particular operations, uses and structures which create smoke, fumes, dust, odor and other hazards may be permitted only if a conditional use permit is first secured;

    J. Accessory buildings or structures required for the storage of any crops, products, equipment or uses lawfully permitted or produced on the premises. Structures such as barns, stables, coops, tank houses, storage tanks, wind machines, windmills, silos and other farm buildings;

    K. Game preserves and hunting clubs, private or public, but shall not include permanent facilities such as hotels, motels, restaurants, club houses;

    L. Agricultural service establishments primarily engaged in performing agricultural animal husbandry services or horticultural services to farms;

    M. Temporary landing of aircraft engaged in agricultural uses;

    N. Dehydrators but not for the general public on a commercial basis;

    O. Stands for the purpose of displaying and selling agricultural, floricultural or farming products which are grown or produced on the premises; provided, that there shall not be more than one stand per parcel of land. The stand shall be set back from the street or highway right-of-way a distance of at least twenty feet. Such stand must be of good frame construction;

    P. Seasonal farmworker housing which meets the Seasonal Farmworker Housing Standards as set forth in Chapter 15.800 and approved for such use pursuant to Title 25 of the California Code of Regulations. Seasonal farmworker housing shall also conform to such public health, building, and fire safety criteria as may be established by resolution or ordinance of the board of supervisors.
    (Ord. 1263 § 19, 2017; Ord. 1183 § 2, 2006)

  • 15.460.030 Uses Permitted With a Conditional Use Permit

    The following uses and structures may be permitted in the AP zone only if a conditional use permit has first been secured:
    A. Irrigation and flood control facilities, public utility and public service structures including electric transmission and distribution substations, gas regulator stations, communications equipment buildings, public service pumping stations and reservoirs over fifty acre-feet or over twenty-five feet high;

    B. Agricultural labor camps;

    C. Injection wells;

    D. Confined animal facility;

    E. Mining which meets the requirements of Government Code Sections 51238.1 or 51238.2.
    (Ord. 1200 § 3, 2008; Ord. 1183 § 2, 2006)

  • 15.460.040 Uses Permitted With an Administrative Permit

    The following uses and structures may be permitted only if an administrative permit has first been secured:

    A. Natural gas wells;

    B. Home occupation not in residential dwelling for parcels of at least 10 acres or more in size;

    C. Agricultural Homestay Establishment.
    (Ord. 1183 § 2, 2006)

  • 15.460.050 Site Area

    A. For prime land, the minimum area of any lot or parcel of land shall be thirty-six (36) acres or one quarter of one quarter section.

    B. For nonprime land, the minimum area of any lot or parcel of land shall be one hundred forty-four (144) acres or one quarter section.

    C. Variance for parcel size shall not be permitted.

    D. The minimum area of any lot or parcel of land for each of the “AP” zones shall be as shown below:
    AP-40 - Minimum Parcel Size 36 acres
    AP-80 - Minimum Parcel Size 72 acres
    AP-160 - Minimum Parcel Size 144 acres

    E. Non-contiguous parcels with a farmed area between 10 and 36 acres may be allowed if:
    1. Parcel is in the same ownership as qualifying parcels but is not contiguous to the qualifying parcel, and
    2. The contract contains a provision not allowing the non-contiguous parcel to be separated from the ownership of the qualifying parcels.
    3. The contract contains a provision not allowing construction of any residential use on the qualifying parcel.
    (Ord. 1183 § 2, 2006)

  • 15.460.060 Maximum Building Height

    The maximum building height in the AP zone shall be:

    A. Thirty-five feet for residential structures;

    B. Fifty feet for agricultural buildings or structures;

    C. Exceptions. Water tanks, silos, granaries, barns, pole buildings, electronic towers, antennas and similar structures of necessary mechanical appurtenances may exceed fifty feet in height; provided, they do not exceed the airport height restrictions.
    (Ord. 1183 § 2, 2006)

  • 15.460.070 Minimum Distance Between Structures

    A. The distance between any accessory building and a dwelling unit shall conform to Uniform Building and Fire Codes.

    B. All pens, coops, stables, barns, corrals or other structures housing livestock or poultry shall be located not less than one hundred feet from all structures used for human habitation.
    (Ord. 1183 § 2, 2006)

  • 15.460.080 Minimum Yard Requirements

    A. Front Yard. The minimum front yard shall be thirty feet. The measurement shall start at the edge of the existing county right-of-way as shown on the adopted Glenn County Circulation Plan.

    B. Side Yards. The minimum side yards shall be twenty-five feet.

    C. Rear Yard. The minimum rear yard shall be twenty-five feet.
    (Ord. 1183 § 2, 2006)

  • 15.460.090 Site Plan Review

    Prior to or concurrent with the application for a building permit, the applicant shall submit to the agency a complete site plan and all necessary supporting documentation for review by the agency to ensure compliance with all the requirements of the Glenn County Code. (Ord. 1200 § 3, 2008; Ord. 1183 § 2, 2006)