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  • 15.797.010 Purpose

    It is the intent and purpose of this Chapter to implement State law by providing a means for regulating the cultivation, selling, distributing, dispensing, manufacturing or testing of marijuana in a manner consistent with State law and which balances the health, safety, and welfare of the residents and businesses within the unincorporated territory of the County of Glenn.  This Chapter is intended to be consistent with California’s medical marijuana laws and the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, and represents an exercise of the local authority retained by the County of Glenn under those laws.
    (Ord. 1261 § 7, 2017; Ord. 1233 § 2, 2012)

  • 15.797.020 Prohibited Uses

    A. Subject only to the exemptions in this ordinance and to the fullest extent allowed by state law, the following uses are prohibited in all zoning districts of the County:
    1. The cultivation of marijuana.
    2. The delivery of marijuana.
    3. The establishment or operation of a location, facility, or business, that sells, distributes, dispenses, manufacturers, or tests marijuana.
    4. The establishment, development, construction, maintenance, operation, or enlargement of any marijuana dispensary or retailer for medical or non-medical purposes or any collective and/or cooperative, as these terms are defined herein.
    (Ord. 1261 § 9, 2017; Ord. 1233 § 2, 2012)

  • 15.797.030 Exemptions

    A. Six or fewer marijuana plants may be cultivated indoors at a residence if all of the following conditions are met:
    1. The residence, and all lighting, plumbing, and electrical components used for cultivation, must comply with all applicable zoning, building, electrical, and plumbing codes and permitting requirements.
    2. All living marijuana plants, and all marijuana in excess of 28.5 grams produced by those plants, must be kept in a locked room and may not be visible from an adjacent property, right-of-way, street, sidewalk, or other place accessible to the public.
    3. The residence must be lawfully occupied.  If the residence is not owner-occupied, written permission from the owner of the residence must be obtained before marijuana may be cultivated.
    4. No marijuana plants may be cultivated outdoors.
    5. The marijuana plants, and all marijuana produced by the plants, shall be for the personal use of the cultivator only, and not for sale, provided that such marijuana and marijuana plants may be given away to persons 21 years of age or older without any compensation whatsoever in accordance with Health and Safety Code section 11362.1, subdivision (a)(2)

    B. It is not a violation of this ordinance for any person employed by a licensed marijuana delivery service to travel on a public road within the unincorporated area of the County for the purposes of delivering marijuana to persons located in a city or county where the delivery of marijuana is not prohibited.

    C. Section 15.797.020 shall not apply to the following marijuana cultivation until December 1, 2017:
    1. Marijuana cultivation commenced in full compliance with the provisions of Chapter 15.797 of the Glenn County Code as it read on the day prior to the adoption of this Ordinance.  Marijuana cultivation described in this subdivision shall be required to comply with all provisions of Section 15.020.020(M)(6) and Chapter 15.797 of the Glenn County Code as those provisions read on the day prior to the adoption of this Ordinance until November 30, 2017. 
    (Ord. 1261 § 11, 2017; Ord. 1233 § 2, 2012)

  • 15.797.040 Nuisance

    Any violation of any provision of this chapter shall be, and is hereby declared, a public nuisance and may be abated by the Glenn County Sheriff as such.
    (Ord. 1233 § 2, 2012)

  • 15.797.050 Enforcement

    The County Sheriff may, at his/her discretion, abate any violation of this Chapter by the prosecution of a civil action, including an action for injunctive relief. The remedy of injunctive relief may take the form of a court order, enforceable through civil contempt proceedings, prohibiting the maintenance of the violation of this Chapter or requiring compliance with other terms. No provision of this chapter shall be deemed a defense or immunity to any action brought against any person.
    (Ord. 1233 § 2, 2012)