Hearing on Accounting

A. At the time fixed, the Board of Supervisors shall meet to review the report of the Commissioner. An owner may appear at said time and be heard on the questions whether the accounting, so far as it pertains to the cost of abating a nuisance upon the land of the owner is accurate and the amounts reported reasonable. The cost of administration shall also be reviewed.

B. The report of the enforcing officer shall be admitted into evidence. The owner shall bear the burden of proving that the accounting is not accurate and reasonable.

C. The Board of Supervisors shall also determine whether or not the owner consented to the presence of the apiary determined to constitute a nuisance. If it is determined at the hearing that the apiary was placed on the premises without the consent of the owner of such premises and that he has not subsequently acquiesced in its presence, costs for the abatement shall not be assessed against such premises or otherwise attempted to be collected from the owner of such premises. (Ord. 1201 ยง 1, 2008)