Breakfast/lunch server & host position

compensation: Minimum wage + tips
employment type: part time
The 4th St. Cafe is looking for server and hostess help! We have room in our schedule (and our hearts) for one or two new dining room servers/hosts. For now, we will need help providing curbside service, but eventually the job will transition to table service.

There are a few requirements/qualifications. This will be the right job for someone who is:
**Available on weekends and possibly some week days.
**Loves to take care of people and is eager to please.
**Calm under pressure and able to multitask.
**Takes pride in the excellent quality of their work.
**Honest and reliable.

The rewards for this job are great! It is a tipped position, and if you work hard, focus on learning quickly, and hustle, you will do well. It also comes with flexibility regarding amount of hours per week, coworkers who also care about excellence at work, and a generous meal plan.

To apply for the job, please read these directions and follow them. If you do not follow the directions for applying, we will think that you probably won't follow the directions well after you are hired either, and you probably won't be considered for the job.

Send an email to that answers the following questions:

1.) Do you have restaurant experience yet? It's not required, but if you have experience, we want to know that.

2.) How many hours would you like to work each week, and are there any times you are unavailable?

3.) Where have you worked in the past, and why are you looking for a new job right now?

4.) Do you have reliable transportation? Are you located in Orland or a different town, and if you don't live in Orland, are you ready to accept the drive to get here?

If you have a resume, please attach it to the email. If you don't have one, that's totally okay, as long as you have fully answered the three questions listed above.

Thanks for applying!

Close Date: 
Monday, June 22, 2020