TRUCK DRIVER (Temporary Seasonal Position)

Agricultural Recruitment System
Job Order # 17665620
Farm Laborer: Truck Driver (temporary seasonal position)
Experience: 3 Months
Salary: $16.05 per hour
Job location: Colusa County
Contract Period: 07/25/2021–10/01/2021
Openings: 20
Recruitment ends: 8/28/2021
For more information regarding the job duties, see an EDD Representative and provide the job order number indicated above.
Job Description:
All applicants must be able, willing, qualified to perform work described & must be available for entire period.
Possible shift: 12:01AM-11:59PM. 72+ M-Su. Worker has opportunity to choose shift initially and work the chosen shift through the duration of the season. Load bonuses vary depending on whether a worker chooses to work day shifts or night shifts and load size. Crops: Tomato. Duties may include: Operate semi-truck to deliver tomatoes harvested from the employer from field to factory, loads are determined and randomly assigned within internal systems based on need/location (1-9 loads daily). Workers will use tablet located inside of truck for dispatching. Load size and frequency varies due to external factors such as weather and demand. Worker is then expected to prepare truck by connecting air hose to trailer, hook and unhook trailers from truck using landing gear to raise and lower legs on tomato trailers. Use of specialized trailers (double tomato tubs) to move loads from field to factory. Perform regular inspections on the truck per company and regulatory protocols & other related Truck Driver activities as per SOC/OES 53-3032 ( Tools supplies and equipment provided at no cost to worker.  Employer guarantees 3/4 of contract. Work is outdoors and within the truck with continuous sitting anticipated being exposed to hot, cool, and cold weather. Possible downtimes and/or extended hrs. Dependable and fulfill obligations. Must be quick and efficient to complete all dispatched loads within designated shift time. Employer provided housing available to those who cannot reasonably return to their residence within the same day.  Cell phone use allowable during designated breaks, never while driving or operating heavy machinery/vehicles.
Must be able to obtain a drivers license and Class A CDL.  Must be 21 years of age due to insurance purposes.  Drug/alcohol/tobacco free work zone. Based on Employer's discretion/cost: Worker may have random drug/alcohol testing during employment: positive test/ refusal to abide = dismissal.  Worker has 3 days from date of hire to show legal authorization to work in the United States. Cash advances may apply at employer discretion. 3 months truck driving experience required. Worker must be able to complete several loads within their established shift based on what has been assigned for that day. Load assignments vary based on weather/demand and randomly assigned based on need/location. Hauling trips vary in distance with the furthest distance (round trip) totaling 130 miles.

ASSURANCES: Housing is provided for workers only. Employer will provide, at no cost to the worker, provisions, utensils, utilities and facilities for using in preparing their own meals. Housing and tools provided at no cost to workers. Employer provides workers compensation insurance where required by law. Free transportation will be provided from housing to work site for any workers provided housing. After a worker has completed 50 percent of the work contract, the employer reimburses the worker for the cost of transportation and subsistence from the place of recruitment to the place of work. The employer must guarantee to offer each worker employment for at least three-quarters of the days in the work contract.
If you are qualified and interested in this job, provide the CA Job Order Number to an Employment Development Department (EDD) Representative. 
Employees working under an H-2A contract have certain rights. Ask the EDD Representative for the disclosure handout of these rights.
Close Date: 
Saturday, August 28, 2021
How to Apply: 
Ignacio -@ 530-701-6311