E-Mail Address gcboard@now2000.com
Primary Contact Name Luke Niblack
Address 165 County Road G, Willows
Description Control of Mosquito population in County
Authority Health & Safety Code Section 2200 et seq (2240)
Appointing Power Board of Supervisors & City of Willows
Qualification Must be a registered voter and reside within the District
Term Two years, begins the last day of June.
Oath Required Yes
Bond None
Compensation None
Contact Person Jack Cavier 934-4025
Committee Roster


Richter, John E. (Term 6/30/15 - 6/30/19)
Crabtree, Ray (Term 6/30/15 - 6/30/19)
Mallory, Bradley (Term 6/30/16 - 6/30/20)
Rutherglen, Mike (Term 6/30/18 - 6/30/20)
City of Willows Member (Term - Pleasure of the Board)