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Glenn County Public Health Preteen Vaccine Week 2019

Pretten Vaccine Week 2019 banner: picture of children with caption: "Protect their Health for the Years Ahead, Preteen Vaccine Week March 3-9, 2019."

Preventing diseases that can spread in our communities is the foundation of public health.  This week, Glenn County Health & Human Services Agency is joining with the California Department of Public Health in recognizing March 3-9 as “Preteen Vaccine Week,” focusing on protecting kids 11 and 12 against dangerous vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Glenn County to Close Additional Business Sectors

California Department of Public Health has issued additional closures for Glenn County and other counties with high rates of COVID-19.  The following sectors must close or modify services to outdoor operations due to increased transmission of the COVID-19 in our community. The closures or modifications are effective at 12:01 a.m. July 14, 2020, and are in effect until further notice. 

Optum Serve Site to Provide COVID-19 Vaccinations

Only for currently eligible individuals (see vaccine page with eligibility details) 

Note: only sign up for Glenn County clinics as other counties may turn you away if you are not a resident of their county.


ANY Glenn County resident unable to obtain an appointment who wishes to be on a quick call list should complete the survey below (for more details see full press release):