Harmful Algal Blooms Press Release

Make It a Habit and Be Mindful Of HABs – Harmful Algal Blooms

State Water Board Says Keep Pets, Children out of the Water if a Bloom is Spotted

While there are all kinds of water safety issues to be aware of, the State Water Resources Control Board wants the public to know about one that may not be so obvious, freshwater harmful algal blooms or HABs.

HABs have become increasingly common in rivers, lakes and reservoirs, and they can be especially dangerous to children and pets. The State Water Board and the nine Regional Water Boards (known as the Water Boards), in partnership with other programs and agencies, are actively supporting and coordinating a statewide HAB incident response with many publicly available resources. To learn how to stay safe around HABs, report a bloom and more, visit the CA HABs Portal: http://www.mywaterquality.ca.gov/habs/

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