Truck at weigh station

Weighing and Measuring Devices are those used in channels of trade to determine a value based on weight, measure, or count. It is the duty of the County Sealer to ensure buyer and seller equity in all commercial transactions. Various types of weighing and measuring devices are tested including gasoline dispensers, propane/butane meters, deli counter scales, livestock and animal scales, concrete batch plant scales and truck scales.

Quantity control provides consumer protection against deception of misrepresentation of packaged and unpacked commodities sold by weight, measure or count. Whenever a specific volume of consumer goods is placed in a package, its net content is required to be stated on the package label. Sealers inspect the net content of packaged goods by weighing, measuring or counting the product.

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Petroleum products are checked for label and advertising requirements to ensure product quality and to minimize false and deceptive advertising practices.

Weighmaster enforcement ensures that consumers receive accurate and complete certificates attesting to weight, measure or count when both parties are not present at the time the quantity is determined.