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PEOPLE V. KNECHT, GABRIEL- Defendant, a 21-year-old from Hamilton City, was convicted of a felony violation of Penal Code section 187(a), 1st Degree Murder that was willful, deliberate, and premeditated. The stipulated facts were as follows: On March 16, 2018, Defendant Gabriel Knecht and 2 other defendants went to the home of Donald Zucker. While at the home of Donald Zucker, Defendant Gabriel Knecht shot and killed Mr. Zucker. Defendant was sentenced to 25 years to life with lifetime parole. This case was prosecuted by DA Stewart with assistance from Glenn County Sheriff's Office Detectives Blair and Knight.

Safe Medication Disposal Now Available in Orland

Date: September 5, 2018


Safe Medication Disposal Now Available in Orland

Orland, CA – Glenn County Sheriff’s Office now has a safe medication disposal site available in Orland. The receptacle is located in front the Courthouse at 821 East South Street, Orland. This will provide a safe and secure way for our north county residents to dispose of unused and unwanted medications, including controlled substances, at any time.

Dos RiosContinuum of Care Operating Manual

The Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Act of 2009 (HEARTH Act), enacted into law on
May 20, 2009, consolidated the homeless assistance programs administered by HUD under the McKinney-Vento
Homeless Assistance Act into a single grant program, and revises the Emergency Shelter Grants program and renames
it the Emergency Solutions Grants program. The HEARTH Act also codifies into law the Continuum of Care (CoC)
planning process, a longstanding part of HUD’s application process to assist homeless persons by providing greater
community-wide coordination, decision-making, and leadership.



PEOPLE V. REED, HANNAH- Defendant was convicted of felony violations of Penal Code 118(a), Perjury; Welfare and Institutions Code 10980(g)(2), Welfare Fraud CalFresh; 10980(c)(2), Welfare Fraud CalWorks; and a misdemeanor violation of 422(a), Criminal Threats. The defendant was sentenced to 4 years prison, with 1 year to be served in prison and 60 days in jail, and 3 years suspended on mandatory supervision. Defendant was ordered to pay the full restitution of $2,883 for the welfare fraud. This case was prosecuted by DA Stewart and DDA Neumann with assistance from Health and Human Services Agency Special Investigations Unit Investigator Bouldin and Glenn County Sheriff's Office Deputy Corbin.