PIO contact: Donald Rust 530-934-6530



Due to the increase in wet weather after three years of drought, the Glenn County Maintained Road System is experiencing increases in the number of potholes on all County Roads. Currently, County Road Crews are working to address these potholes in an organized manner but there may be delays.

Road Crews are busy with the re-opening of roads due to debris and other flood related damages caused by the severe weather and must prioritize public safety. The Crews will move through areas patching all potholes starting with main collector roads in the county. The County encourages reporting of potholes, we ask the public to be patient and understand that we’re working to ensure that crews visited all damaged areas.

Please be aware that as the heavy rain events continue, wet patch fixes often wash back out. This is common across many county roads. Therefore, residents and visitors should expect additional potholes as the region experiences future rain events from now until April-May.

Remember to adjust your speed for the road condition (slow down on rough roads) and stay in your lane of travel. Road conditions may require planning trips with a longer travel time.

To report dangerous road conditions or a pothole, please contact the Glenn County Public Works Agency by email at [email protected], phone at 530-934-6530 or report active road conditions online at