On September 19, 2023, Brittany Glass was booked into the Glenn County Jail for violation of probation, failure to appear on a possession of stolen property charge, and misdemeanor drug charges. While in custody Glass suffered from a preexisting medical condition that led to an acute medical emergency. On September 21, 2023, Glass was taken to Glenn Medical Center where she was seen in the Emergency Room. It was determined that she needed to be hospitalized. Glenn Medical Center did not have any bed space for Glass and determined there was space available at Colusa Regional Hospital. She was transported from Glenn Medical Center by ambulance and admitted to Colusa Regional Hospital.

Glass is a non-violent, low-level offender, who was admitted to the hospital under the care of medical professionals until she could be deemed healthy enough to return to the Glenn County Jail. Due to critically low staffing levels at the Glenn County Jail and Sheriff’s Office, staff were unavailable to standby with Glass while she was convalescing.  It was determined that medical staff would contact the Glenn County Jail when Glass became ambulatory and healthy enough to return to jail. 

 On September 25, 2023, Colusa Regional Hospital notified the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office that Glass was healthy enough to return to the Glenn County Jail. While Deputies were enroute to pick up Glass, she walked out of the hospital and absconded from custody. Colusa County Sheriff’s Office and Glenn County Sheriff’s Office checked the area around Colusa Regional Hospital and were unable to locate Glass.

The Glenn County Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking the whereabouts of Brittany Glass. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Glass is urged to contact the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office.  The Glenn County Sheriff’s Office can be contacted by phone at (530) 934-6431 or in person at 543 West Oak Street, Willows, California.

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