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TO: All Interested Parties

DATE: July 27, 2023

SUBJECT: Glenn County Valley-Wide Mosquito Abatement District Boundaries & Assessment Report

On July 18, 2023, during the Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board approved the Fiscal Year 2023-24 Engineer's report for the Glenn County Valley-wide Mosquito and Disease Control Assessment. The assessment collection will allow the County to provide services in the 2024 season. These services include the early detection of public health threats through mosquito and disease surveillance; elimination and control of mosquitoes to diminish the nuisance and harm caused by mosquitoes; protection of public health by reducing mosquitoes or exposure to mosquitoes that transmit diseases; and response to requests to prevent or control mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit.

 Back in 2007, the Glenn County Valley-Wide Mosquito Abatement Assessment District was established to provide funding for mosquito abatement and control services performed by Glenn County. Before the creation of the Glenn County Valley-Wide Mosquito Abatement Assessment District, Glenn County had the highest West Nile Virus human infection rate per capita in all of California. The voters adopted the district in accordance with the California Constitution and state law. The Valley-Wide Mosquito Abatement District roughly covers 420 square miles (basically the valley floor of Glenn County). It excludes the already existing Glenn County Mosquito and Vector Control District, the Rice Pest Abatement District #1, Hamilton City Community Service District (currently served by the Butte County MVCD) and the unincorporated part of Glenn County to the west of the Tehama Colusa Canal and everything west of County Road D were the Tehama Colusa Canal crosses. Annually, the Board of Supervisors follows a process to adopt and levy the assessment on properties within the district. Each year, to continue to levy the assessments for the coming fiscal year, the Board conducts a notice of public hearing and receives public input on the proposed assessments and the services they would fund. After hearing the public testimony, the Board may take final action on setting the assessment rate, establishing the services and improvements to be funded, and ordering the continuation of the assessments for the fiscal year.

For more information, check out the Glenn County Mosquito and Vector Control website: or call (530) 934-4025.