The Drought Impact Report, prepared by the Glenn County Agriculture Department provides an update on the state of agriculture in Glenn County, in relation to drought impacts.

This year’s drought related water curtailments, and other drought induced issues have resulted in an estimated 72,700 acres of land not in production in 2022.  The commodities most impacted by this year’s drought in Glenn County are rice, seed crops, corn, including corn silage, cotton, apiaries, cattle, and sheep. 

The report includes a table of the last 10 years of planted data for corn, cotton, rice, and seed crops.  The average acres of corn planted is 15,230, but roughly only 4,050 acres this year were planted.  For cotton, about 2000 acres are normally planted but this year there are 645 acres.  Seed crops usually have about 8,770 planted acres but this year there are closer to 3,400 acres.  The most significant reduction is the drop in acres of rice.  The average is 76,350 acres, but this year, about 21,430 acres of rice were planted, or 28% of normal.