Image of a point of sale skimming device

The team responded to the location, identified the device, and removed it. The device is designed to look identical to a standard point-of-sale device. Skimming and Scamming of electronic public assistance benefits, CalWORKs cash aid and CalFresh, are a rampant problem in California, costing taxpayers as much as $10,000,000.00 per month (Reference).  In an effort to protect those benefits, HHSA SIU has been diligently working to remove risks placed in Glenn County businesses and protect clients from skimming and scamming.  

However, public and business awareness of these crimes is key to prevention. Glenn County HHSA encourages clients to download and utilize the EBT Edge mobile app, which is available in the Apple Store or on Google Play.
EBT Edge allows clients to review their transaction history, freeze and unfreeze their cards, block out-of-state transactions, block online transactions, change their PIN numbers, and request replacement cards. These features are also available through the online Cardholder Portal, which is linked below.

It is recommended that all clients download the app or utilize the online Cardholder Portal to monitor transactions, turn their card off until it needs to be used, change their PIN number at the end of the month before new benefits are issued, and to report any fraudulent transactions to your worker or to the SIU.

The following is a list of resources:
Glenn County SIU Fraud Line: (530)934-1594

EBT Cardholder Portal
EBT Project SCAM Information
California Welfare Fraud Investigators Association Information on Fraud
Glenn County Fraud Referral and Prevention Form
Apple Mobile App
Android Mobile App

If you suspect that a Point of Sale device has been compromised, please contact the Special Investigations Unit to report this information. The SIU will investigate these claims and continue to do everything possible to protect our clients and their benefits.

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