Responds to calls involving rabid animals and domestic animal nuisances. Controls loose livestock on private property, as well as public roads. Issues licenses and ensures rabies control.


Per Glenn County Code, all dogs over the age of 4 months are required to be licensed by our office. (Cats are NOT required to be licensed in our county.)  Licenses will be issued upon receipt of a current rabies vaccination certificate and the licensing fee.  Please note that first year licenses (for puppies or dogs with no previous vaccination history) are only issued as a one year license.  All other licenses, excepting stock/hunt pack and kennel licenses, may be issued as either one or three year licenses.  License fees are as follows:

Altered Dog 1 Year $15
Altered Dog 3 Year $30
Unaltered Dog 1 Year $30
Unaltered Dog 3 Year $60
Stock/Hunt Pack 1 Year Only $50

For information on licensing service animals or obtaining a kennel license, please call our office directly so that our staff can assist you.

Licenses can be obtained by either mailing your rabies certificate and fee to Glenn County Animal Control, 543 West Oak Street, Willows, CA 95988 or stopping by our office Monday-Friday 8:00pm-5:00pm.  Dogs not licensed within 60 days of the date the vaccination is given will be subject to a $10 late fee. 


If you have lost or found a pet or livestock, please call our non-emergency dispatch line 530-934-6431 to make a report. 


Should your animal be taken into our County Impound, you will need to come to our office in order to pay the appropriate impound fee and obtain an impound release.  Impounded dogs over the age of 4 months are also required to be licensed prior to release from impound (see above fees).  After fees are paid to Animal Control, you will be directed to Burnham's Veterinary Clinic to pay any board or vaccination fees (impounded livestock will be held at a separate facility--call the office for details).  Once all fees are paid, your animal will be released to you.  Impound fees are as follows:


1st Impound in Last Twelve Months  $40
2nd Impound in Last Twelve Months $65
3rd Impound in Last Twelve Months $90 and a Citation May Be Issued
      Board Fees $12.50 per day ($25 per day for quarantine; $50 per day for aggressive dog quarantines)



$25 per Animal 
      Board Fees $12.50 per day ($25 per day for quarantine; $50 per day for aggressive cats)


$30 per Animal plus Time Spent to Capture and Haul (at $15 per man hour/$25 per overtime man hour)
      Board Fees $10 per day minimum


Actual Cost

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