E-Mail Address[email protected]
Primary Contact NameAgricultural Commissioner
DescriptionFormation of district will give the authority for inspecting, trapping, and treating olive trees and other host plants & fruit in order to prevent the spread of newly introduced olive pests such as Olive Fruit Fly and any other newly introduced A,B, or Q rated pests.
AuthorityMinute Order 11 of 4/2/2002 - Public Hearing
Appointing PowerBoard of Supervisors
TermFour year term
Oath RequiredNo
Contact PersonAgricultural Commissioner
Committee Roster

APPOINTEES: 5 Members, 3 Alternates

Andrew Weinrich, Director(Term 7/20/2021 - 4/30/2025)
Charles Schonauer, Alternate(Term - Pleasure of the Board)
Dan Kennedy, Director(Term 7/19/2022 - 4/30/2026)
Eduardo Briones, Director(Term 7/19/2022 - 4/30/2026)
Russel Maben, Director(Term 5/23/2023 - 4/30/2026)
Scott Studybaker, Director(Term 4/30/2024 - 4/30/2028)
William (Bill) Krueger, Alternate(Term 2/7/2023 - Pleasure of the Board)