Petroleum Products Program (Retail Motor Fuel) 

petro-displayCalifornia Business and Professions Code requires the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Division of Measurement Standards (DMS) to ensure that in regard to quality, minimum standards are met for most automotive products (gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, antifreeze/coolants, and alternative engine fuels) sold in California. To accomplish this task, CDFA partners with county Sealers (Weights & Measures) to carry out the Petroleum Products Program at the county level.

With the goal of fostering consumer confidence, Glenn County Weights and Measures inspectors actively enforce quality, uniformity, quantity, advertising, and labeling laws within the county. County staff make both routine and complaint driven visits to local businesses providing such products and inspect them for compliance with state law and regulations.

Gasoline pumps are tested at least annually for accuracy in dispensing fuel. Complaints will prompt additional inspections to confirm the device has been corrected to within tolerance. 

All service stations are required to post the price of the motor vehicle fuel they sell onsite. This display must be visible to the consumer before they enter the station. Additionally, any conditions that accompany the fuel purchase must also be posted (i.e., full or self-service, club cards, cash or credit price).  

Additionally, petroleum products are checked for the correct labeling requirements, as are the signs related to disabled driver services and air and water equipment.

Notes to the consumer:
Be aware of possible credit card skimmers. Try to pump your fuel from a device that is nearer to or within sight of station attendants. Look for broken security seals and notify the attendant if you find one. Try to keep your receipts and immediately notify law enforcement if you believe your card has been skimmed.
If you believe you have been overcharged or a pump was over-registering, keep your receipt and contact our office. 

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