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Responsibilities of Membership:

  1. General Council members will be expected to maintain professional integrity and behavior during CICC meetings.
  2. Consumer rights and confidentiality are to be respected at all meetings and events related to CICC.
  3. Confidentiality will be maintained and members will abide by the policies and procedures that exist for each member's reporting entity.
  4. Report any possible conflict of interests to the CICC Coordinator within one week of becoming aware of the possible conflict. The Chairperson(s) will have sole discretion as to the resolution.
  5. CICC members will attend all regularly scheduled meetings. Any individual who is absent from three (3) consecutive regularly scheduled meetings during the calendar year, without an excused absence from the CICC Coordinator will be terminated from membership and a replacement sought.
  6. CICC members will arrive to meetings timely and actively participate in the Council's duties. Excused absences shall be reported to the Chair or CICC Coordinator.
  7. Members will serve on assigned committees and shall complete required documentation as requested by CICC Executive Council.
  8. Members will be expected to abide by all laws for children's and family's rights.
  9. Any violation of these responsibilities will be discussed at the next scheduled meeting. The decision of the CICC will stand.
  10. Should membership roles remain vacant, the CICC Coordinator will work towards filling those positions.


  1. CICC members will elect a Chairperson on an annual basis in the month of May.
  2. Due to time restraints, the Chairperson may elect to have the committee elect a Co-Chair.
  3. Elected members shall have been a member of CICC for a minimum of one year.
  4. At least one elected individual shall be from a governmental (public) agency.
  5. In the event that an elected individual must resign, elections will be held at the earliest CICC meeting. If a Co-Chair exists, that person will become the Interim Chair.

Responsibilities of Chairperson

  1. Decide on all points of order to be placed on the meeting agendas.
  2. Preside at all CICC meetings.
  3. Approve all matters of a non-policy nature.
  4. Represent CICC at all public functions, or appoint a representative to do so in his/her absence.

Responsibilities of Co-Chair

  1. Perform all duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence.
  2. Perform duties as assigned by the Chairperson.

CICC Executives

Executive Council will consist of one Department Official representing each of the following:

  1. Glenn County Health and Human Services Agency
  2. Glenn County Juvenile Justice System
  3. Glenn County Office of Education
  4. Glenn County Probation Department

Responsibilities of CICC Executives

  1. Provide guidance, support and information to CICC members.
  2. Provide policy review and oversight to the CICC.
  3. Provide legal and financial oversight.
  4. Data collection, reporting, sharing, analysis and evaluation.

CICC Coordinator

This is a paid position funded by local agencies. Duties will include, but not be limited, to the following:

  1. Disseminate agendas minutes for each CICC meeting.
  2. Coordinate efforts between the committee and its subcommittees and the CICC Executives.
  3. Uphold the functions of the committee, per our approved objectives.
  4. Provide ongoing evaluation of progress on objectives.
  5. Complete an annual report which will be presented to the County Board of Supervisors and/or governing agencies.
  6. Provide outreach to new private and public agencies that serve Glenn County and share a common mission to assist children and families to lead healthy, safe, nurturing lives.

CICC Bylaws are available upon request.