Child abuse prevention efforts build on family strengths with the goal of giving families the support they need to love, nurture and protect their children.

Keeping children safe from abuse and neglect is the responsibility of the entire community.

Child abuse is an exceptionally complex problem with numerous causes and numerous, wide-ranging consequences that affect each and every one of us.

Communities will be most effective in preventing child abuse if they adopt a comprehensive prevention strategy that offers families a variety of programs, targeted to different populations with differing needs.


About the Enough Abuse Campaign

The Enough Abuse Campaign was started by the Massachusetts Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Partnership with initial funding from the Centers for Disease Control in the amount of $1.2 million for the first 5 years of program development (2002-2007). The Campaign has since been funded and supported by the Ms. Foundation.

The Campaign draws its methods from several public health prevention models, including the Spectrum of Prevention framework, which includes 6 prevention strategies:

  1. Fostering Coalitions and Networks;
  2. Strengthening the Knowledge and Skills of Individuals;
  3. Promoting Community Education; 4. Educating Providers;
  4. Changing Organizational Practices; and
  5. Influencing Policies and Laws. The framework of the Campaign is designed to align with the Spectrum of Prevention strategies.

Enough Abuse Greater Bay Area is a collaborative project of 10 Greater Bay Area Counties. We are working together to implement the Enough Abuse child sexual abuse prevention campaign, which includes a widespread public awareness effort, as well as trainings of professionals and children and families in prevention and recognition of child sexual abuse.

View the ENOUGH ABUSE Greater Bay Area Video.