CalWORKs is here to help you become employed… We have a variety of resources to help families become self-sufficient:


How to effectively present yourself to get a job. This includes interviewing skills, completing applications that will sell you to an employer, resume development, and other approaches to attaining employment.

Supervised Job Search

While looking for work, a staff person will be offering guidance and assistance. Several staff members are responsible for contacting employers and finding job openings. These job leads will be made available to you.

Child Care Assistance

While participating in CalWORKs, you are eligible to subsidized child care. Subsidized child care can continue after you attain employment and go off of cash assistance.

Transportation Assistance

Various forms of transportation assistance are available while participating in CalWORKs. This assistance can continue as long as you are receiving cash aid.

Substance Abuse Services

If you have an addiction, which is standing in the way of employment, we have resources to assist you in overcoming this problem.

Mental Health Services

Many mental health issues are easily controllable with new medications. Mental health problems can arise in difficult life circumstances. Such problems often need to be addressed before you are asked to look for work. The CalWORKs staff counselor and other resources are available.

Domestic Abuse

All people should feel safe, particularly in their own home. If you or yo ur children do not feel safe, employment will not be a priority. The CalWORKs staff counselor is available to discuss these issues and to help you make connections with other community resources.

Other Issues

If you are having legal problems, on probation, meeting requirements for Child Protective Services, or dealing with other issues, CalWORKs will attempt to work with you to assist in making you employable.

Talk to Your CalWORKs Intake Worker  

When you attend your CALWORKS meeting, you will meet a case manager that wants to hear what you need to become employable.

We are here to help you!