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COVID-19 and Businesses

Reporting an Outbreak through the Shared Portal for Outbreak Tracking (SPOT)

SPOT Overview

Glenn County Public Health partners with Glenn County businesses to mitigate COVID-19 outbreaks in the workplace. An outbreak in most worksites is defined as 3 or more cases of COVID-19 at a worksite within a 14-day period. Glenn County utilizes the Shared Portal for Outbreak Tracking (SPOT) to receive information about COVID-19 outbreaks in local business settings. SPOT makes it easy for business owners or managers to securely report COVID-19 outbreaks to Glenn County Public Health and receive assistance that can be utilized to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace and community. This will allow for more efficient reporting and support. Please note that the previously required reporting to local health departments by businesses per AB 685 is no longer required as AB 685 is no longer in effect as of Jnauary 1st, 2023. Businesses are encouraged to report outbreaks and reach out to Glenn County Public Health when questions arise. 

Note: “Worksite” means the building, store, facility, agricultural field, or other location where a COVID-19 positive worker worked. This includes hallways, restrooms, lobbies, breakrooms, etc.

How to use SPOT

This 5-minute video will provide you an overview of how to complete the SPOT intake form.

  1. Complete intake form.

SPOT Intake Form (ENGLISH)
SPOT Intake Form (SPANISH)

Disclaimer: If you do not have information on the positive case(s) now, you can still submit the Intake Form and provide the case information once you have received your SPOT credentials.

In accordance with HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, all information provided in this form will remain confidential; the information you provide will not impact immigration status.

  1. Submit intake form and information regarding cases from the worksite.


  1. Create a SPOT account and bookmark the SPOT homepage.

This 6-minute video will provide an overview of the SPOT reporting process and train you step-by-step to report an outbreak at your business utilizing the SPOT portal.


  1. Continue to add all cases until at least 14 days have passed without any new COVID-19 positive individuals being identified and the exposure event is closed.

More Information for Internal Contact Tracing

Information provided in this step will aid internal contact tracing for the facility/business. This process is used to identify close contact(s) of the COVID-19 positive case(s) and to isolate or quarantine business contacts when applicable.

A close contact is someone sharing indoor airspace with a COVID-19 case during their infectious period for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period. Please refer to the current CDPH isolation and quarantine guidelines and share relevant information with close contacts directly.

Upon completion of their appropriate isolation, COVID-19 positive individuals may return to their workplaces.


Resources for Employers

CalOSHA and AB-685

CDPH Isolation and Quarantine Guidance

CDPH Overall COVID-19 Guidance –All Topics

SPOT Workplace Help and Training Material

Contact Us

For questions or concerns about preventing COVID-19 in the workplace or reporting outbreaks, contact Glenn County Public Health at 530-934-6588.

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