If you are interested in reserving a county-owned hall, please fill out the Application to Reserve Halls.

Reservation FAQ

Q: How do I reserve one of the rental halls?

A: Download and complete the official Application to Reserve Halls.

Q: How many halls does the County operate?

A: The County operates three halls. Their locations are shown below:

  • Orland Memorial Hall, 320 3rd Street, Orland
  • Willows Memorial Hall, 525 West Sycamore Street, Willows
  • Hamilton City Community Hall, 300 Broadway Avenue, Hamilton City

Q: What is the occupancy limit of the Orland Memorial Hall?

A: Orland Memorial Hall holds 520 seated and 720 standing.

Q: What is the occupancy limit of the Willows Memorial Hall?

A: Willows Memorial Hall holds 519 seated and 777 standing.

Q: Are chairs and tables available?

A: Yes. However, the equipment is not transferrable between facilities.

  • Orland: ± 119 stack chairs, some folding chairs and ten 9' tables.
  • Willows: ± 227 stack chairs and ten 9' tables.
  • Hamilton City: ± 52 chairs, eight 9' tables, one 7' table, and four 3'x3' card tables.