The process begins when a report is received through the county Department of Agriculture. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) then prepares an initial investigative report and notifies the local sub-area WAC representative and the area TAC representative. Local groundwater information is assembled and committee representatives make a site visit, collect and assemble additional data, and prepare and present their findings and recommendations to the Water Advisory Committee for action.

Investigation of abnormal groundwater levels and other groundwater studies help to gain understanding of the aquifer system underlying the county and may lead to better management of the resource.

Cooperative Program For Groundwater Studies Between The County Of Glenn And The Colusa Basin Drainage District

An application for AB303 grant funding was submitted in November 2004 to undertake groundwater studies in the Wilson Creek area of the county. The proposed project incorporates the ongoing activities of the Glenn County Department of Agriculture on behalf of the Glenn County Water Advisory Committee (WAC) with the Colusa Basin Drainage District’s (CBDD) Integrated Watershed Management Plan. This application was not selected for funding. In an effort to capitalize on the resources available, a proposal was sent to the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) to consider the work being performed in the AB 303 2003 could act as a non-federal cost share for projects eligible for federal funding in Glenn County. Proposal The proposal was accepted and work in this project began in January 2006. Over the course of the project there were unforeseen changes, but through the efforts of everyone involved an initial evaluation of the potential for groundwater recharge from the proposed flood control detention facility culminated with the installation of a multi-completion dedicated monitoring well down-gradient of the facility location. This well was added to the County’s dedicated monitoring network.

See details of work performed: Wilson Creek Hydrogeologic Investigation and Addendum

Recently the Colusa Basin Drainage District has been exploring their options in the area of groundwater replenishment. On a local level the Glenn County WAC has prepared a grant Proposal to assist with groundwater monitoring in support of these actions.

Stony Creek Investigative Opportunities

Recharge Studies

In the summer of 2003 the WAC was able to take advantage of surplus water stored in Black Butte Reservior for a groundwater recharge study— 2003 Final Report

From this study a UC Davis graduate utilized the information for his Masters Thesis-Bergfeld Thesis

DWR staff prepared a series of contours showing results of the pulse flows— PowerPoint Presentation

In the summer of 2005 a similar recharge study was performed— 2005 Report

Aquifer Performance Tests

Two large scale aquifer performance tests were carried out within the Stony Creek alluvium— St Johns and Porter


The Department of Agriculture applied for and received a Great Valley Center “LEGACI” grant in 2004.  The focus of the proposal was to 1) examine the removal of irrigated agricultural lands and the decreasing demand for the major agricultural crop on these lands, which are olives and the repercussions of olive orchard removal and the effect it has on the local economy; 2) evaluate the future of the Orland area and it’s relationship to agricultural production with water made available from the OUWUA; and 3) look into planning and zoning as it relates to surface water supply and distribution and the consequences of urbanization and olive industry trends along with future dependence on groundwater resources as agricultural land is subdivided into parcels that may or may not fit into OUWUA delivery schedules and distribution systems.

Impact of Urbanization in the Vicinity of Orland Report