During the peak of the 2003 irrigation season (July-August) initial water quality measurements were taken from approximately 27 well locations (irrigation, domestic, or monitoring) throughout the County to establish a baseline for BMO's for water quality. Measurement parameters for this network include temperature, pH, and EC (electrical conductivity). In certain areas, wells are not available for use during this time. In other areas, historic data is being utilized for comparison.

A complete water quality analysis was performed from each aquifer being monitored during the installation of multi-completion dedicated monitoring wells. The temperature, pH and EC have been added to the water quality map.

Over all, results of the water quality sampling indicate that the aquifer system underlying Glenn County contains high-quality fresh water, free of saline intrusion. This baseline data will enable the WAC/TAC to continue to evaluate any future degradation of the basin by sampling the same locations on an annual basis with the intent of expanding the extent of this network to include domestic/agricultural aquifer interaction.

Additional efforts are always underway to better understand our aquifer systems.

  Water Quality Map