The Glenn County Air Pollution Control District is excited to announce that it is opening its application period to local growers for participation in the FARMER grant program, a program that provides grant funding to local growers who want to upgrade their older diesel powered farming equipment to newer and cleaner technologies.  

tractorThe Air Resources board has allocated 1.2 million dollars to the Glenn County Air Pollution Control District to spend on projects in the agricultural sector. The program is very similar to the Carl Moyer Grant Program, which has been implemented by the District on an annual basis since 1999. The District will focus on the replacement of diesel powered agricultural equipment such as tractors, Ag pumps, and spray rigs.

Projects will typically receive funding for up to 50% of the eligible costs of the new equipment based on information submitted with the application. Grant awards are typically capped at $50,000. Equipment to be replaced must be in working condition prior to being approved for funding, must be greater than 25 horsepower, and must conform to the program guidelines. The District will not offer reimbursement for equipment purchased prior to project approval.

All projects are ranked based on cost effectiveness (project cost per amount of air pollutants reduced). The District will select the most cost effective projects until all project funds have been allocated. For application deadlines, questions and general inquiries, please contact the District at (530) 934-6500.

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