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We are currently accepting applicants for the Woodstove Program waitlist. Please call 934-6500 and leave your name, phone number, and address. When we receive funding, people on the waitlist will be called in the order received to fill out the most current application.


The Wood Smoke Reduction Program is funded by California Climate Investments and administered by local air districts. This program provides an incentive voucher to replace pre-1988 non-EPA certified wood-burning stove or fireplace that is used as a primary source of heat with either an EPA-certified woodstove, pellet, or electric heating device.

For people in certain census tracts designated by the State as low-income and for low-income households, the voucher covers up to $5,000 for a wood or pellet stove, and $10,000 for an electric heat pump. A standard voucher of $2,500 for a wood or pellet stove, and $5,000 for an electric heat pump is available to all households regardless of income. The voucher can be used to cover the cost of purchase, permits and installation. Mobile homes and rentals are eligible.

Vouchers will be issued in the order complete applications are received, and are good for 4 weeks. Within the 4 weeks, the applicant must select a replacement device from a participating retailer and use the voucher toward the price. The retailer will verify that the original device is eligible and provide a price estimate. Installations must be done by appropriately licensed contractors with the necessary permits and follow all local fire and building codes; do-it-yourself installations are NOT allowed under this program.

For more information including determining if you live in a census tracts designated by the State as low-income and or disadvantaged, the threshold for low-income households, visit the California Climate Investments Priority Populations 2023 or contact our office at (530)934-6500.

This project is supported by the California Climate Investments program, the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association (CAPCOA) and the Glenn County Air Pollution Control District.