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Glenn County Resource Family Approval Unit

The Resource Family Approval Unit in Glenn County is a team of staff members passionate about supporting children in our community. 

We are looking for loving resource family homes (formerly known as foster family homes) that are willing to do the work necessary to effectively nurture children in care. 

Children in care are often overwhelmed, anxious, upset, confused, angry, or frightened and we are looking for families willing to provide a loving home where children experience patience, empathy, belonging, and a sense of security.  In addition, we know families opening their home to a child for the first time might feel overwhelmed, anxious, and confused. The RFA Unit is here to help. 

We support families by training, educating, offering resources, and empowering families to utilize their natural strengths. We understand the complexity associated with nurturing a child in care and we are trained in effectively supporting families so everyone is successful.


Resource Family Approval (RFA)

RFA is the state home approval program for all families wishing to nurture a child through foster care, guardianship, and adoption. 

When a family decides to welcome a child into their home, the home is now obligated to participate in the RFA process.  

RFA addresses the need for an initial in depth evaluation of family homes to ensure that our children in care are entering loving homes, which give them the greatest chance for a happy future.