AB 685/CalOSHA

California Department of Public Health's Occupational Health Branch (OHB) COVID-19 and Workplace web page.

What are the requirements of Assembly Bill AB 685?

Employers are required to notify all employees of:

  • Potential exposures workers could encounter
  • COVID-19 related benefits
  • Precautions being made for COVID-19 (disinfections and safety measures)

Employers must inform employees by written notice of all COVID-19 cases at the same worksite within 24 hours. 

Employees must notify the Health Department of any work place outbreaks.  An outbreak is three or more laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in a two weeks. 

Outbreaks can be reported on the form located below. The form will need to be faxed to: (530)934-6463

What is the Potential Impact of Assembly Bill AB 685?

Cal/OSHA can close part or all of a business if it is deemed an imminent hazard to employees.

Cal/OSHA can give citations/fees for serious violations related to COVID-19 without warning.

Assembly Bill AB 685 is effective Jan 1, 2021 to Jan 1, 2023

Additional information and references can be found below:

AB 685 COVID-19 Workplace Outbreak Reporting Requirements: (Dec. 10. 2020)


Additional resources for employers: